A tool library?

An image of power, gardening, cleaning, camping, and cooking tools.

What is a tool library?

Tool libraries are community spaces where you can borrow from a large inventory of tools - just like a regular library, but with things instead of books. By "tool," we mean power and hand tools, yes, but also kitchen, camping, and gardening gear! Anything that would sit in a closet, basement, or garage only to be used once every month or two (at best) is a good candidate for a tool library.

Borrowing tools is free for members and membership is pay-what-you-can, based on your personal financial situation.

Sound like something you want to be a member of? It's easy to join and dues are on a sliding scale!

Our Values

Together, members of the tool library govern the tool library democratically. See ways we could better live up to our values? Join one of our regular meetings! or get in touch.

  • Solidarity, not charity. LexTools is a form of mutual aid and is governed democratically by all of its members.
  • Access. Access to tools for anyone, regardless of ability to pay.
  • Usufruct. The form of a library aims to reshape our relationship to ownership, community, and consumption.
  • Equity. Using our collective resources to build a better community and solidarity across racial, gender, sexuality, and language lines.
  • Collective Care. The tool library can only do so much on its own and aims to be a part of an ecosystem of local organizations that share our values.


The Lexington Tool Library’s goal is to provide access to the tools and equipment Lexington residents need to help themselves and their neighbors make their homes and communities better. The borrowing of commonly-held tools, provided to all members regardless of ability to pay, aims to reshape our relationship to ownership, community, and consumption.

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